Meet the Filmmakers


Liz Kaiser
Elizabeth Kaiser: Editor, Animator, Overall Classy Dame

Born and raised in a sleepy little Northern Michigan town, Elizabeth had anything but small town dreams. After contemplating such fields as Broadcast Journalism, radio disc jockeying and a brief consideration as a United States Postal Worker, Elizabeth chose to wrap up all those ideas and take them along on her journey into filmmaking. Little did she realize the impact her broad range of interests would be on such a diverse medium.

As a student of life and multiple tertiary institutions, Elizabeth chose to finish her B.F.A. at the Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in Film and Television, with a minor in Motion Media Design. She has worked for clients such as Visions Incorporated, Georgia Ports Authority, the Savannah College of Art and Design, FoodyDirect and the Savannah Slow Ride.

Liz specializes in post-production, motion graphic animation, producing and concept development.


Kyle Maddux-Lawrence
Kyle Maddux-Lawrence: Cinematographer, Idea Man, Seasoned Gentleman

Born in Nashville, raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Kyle’s sponge-like need for knowledge led him to Savannah, Georgia where he completed his B.A. in History at Armstrong Atlantic State University and his M.A. in Cinema Studies at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Since discovering his love of cinematography, Kyle has brought his passion for sharing his vision to all the films he has worked on including Small Town, Big Heart (2014), a documentary on the MATE International ROV competition held in Alpena, MI, Big Brownie: A Documentary (2015), a film about the Michigan Brown Trout Festival, the longest running blue water festival in Michigan, and the amazing characters that make it all happen, A Few Things About Cancer (2014), the story of Caleb Mock, a young newlywed getting ready to start his life only to find out he has stage four Burkitt’s Lymphoma and his journey of self discovery and healing.

Kyle’s work is not limited to documentary. Kyle has worked on independent shorts like Childhood Mammaries (2014), the story of a blues musician and how he became blind, Law of Lunativity (2013), the story of a young girl fascinated with the stars and her journey from Earth to the heavens, and The Imbecile (2014), about a failed musician whose talent is overshadowed by his wife, after a head injury leads to a case of Acquired Savant Syndrome.

Kyle also specializes in event and architectural photography and his clients include, the Travel Channel, Better Homes and Gardens, Garden and Gun, the Color Run, and Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon.

Kyle specializes in photography, cinematography and directing.

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