Behind the Scenes

MADLAWMEDIA came up with the idea for Big Brownie: The O’fish’al Story in December 2013. After an animated discussion about if an angler could realistically re-catch a tagged fish in Lake Huron, we decided to find out why a fisherman would even try. The story developed into something much more as we interviewed over a dozen fishermen and women, community members, members of the Department of Natural Resources, and basically anyone who would talk to us.

As we learned more, we realized that the Michigan Brown Trout Festival, in it’s fortieth year, was really a microcosm of what was happening in the city of Alpena, as well as the state of Michigan. The perseverance and die-hard spirit shined like nothing we had even seen. It inspired us and drove us make this story for the rest of the world to see as well. Our goofy little idea of following Big Brownie, one fish in 23,000 square miles of water, became a story of so much more.

The following photos are a behind the scenes look at our experience in and around Alpena, Michigan.

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